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Effectively scale your ad revenue with network availability, ad buy performance, producer and creative management, finance integration, forecasting, and the best Ad Ops tools in the business.




Unlimited Operations Loginscheckedcheckedchecked
Show Producer Logins50200Custom
Producer Ad Wallcheckedcheckedchecked
Creative Workflowcheckedcheckedchecked
Flight-level predictionscheckedcheckedchecked
Traffic Managementcheckedcheckedchecked
Air Checks + Campaign Reportscheckedcheckedchecked
Real-time Sales Availabilitycheckedcheckedchecked
Custom Reports210checked
Client Reporting-checkedchecked
DAI Host Support1checkedchecked
SFA/OMS Integration-checkedchecked
Avails API Integration-Feechecked
Data Lake ProcessingUp to 50MM records/monthUp to 250MM records/monthAs quoted
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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Flightpath without an Order Management System (OMS)?

Most definitely! Flightpath has the ability to work with leading OMS platforms, if you have one. Having an OMS is not required to use Fligthpath. If you have an OMS or Sales Force Automation solution, Flightpath wants to use that as the source of truth for what was sold by your sales team. Flightpath can also determine this information from most DAI Host platforms.

Does FlightPath replace an OMS?

No. Flightpath is a yield management platform built to optimize your DAI ad delivery and is designed to talk to any Sales Force Automation or Order Management tools you may be using. We currently integrate with Boostr and are exploring other platforms.

Is Flightpath a podcast host?

Flightpath is a yield management platform and is designed to give your operations teams a single point of presence across supported podcast hosts and other platforms. We work with your podcast host and free your team and growth from being tied to a single DAI hosting platform. Flightpath is like an in-house data science team with all the operations tools needed to help you scale your business.

I'm on Megaphone. Can I use Flightpath?

Yes. We should note that Flightpath requires you have an enterprise agreement with Megaphone and that you enable their log export service. Our data science team then steps in to help you optimize your operations and make better availability and delivery decisions. We can assist your team with getting the export service enabled and deployed with Megaphone.

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